At UCMH Counselling Services, our counsellors are all qualified in psychology or counselling. They also do ongoing professional development to stay up to date with research and effective counselling techniques. 

Our counsellors know that it takes courage to recognise the need for counselling. Rest assured, they will provide a safe, non-judgemental and caring counselling atmosphere for you. They will also stay focused on providing you with an effective treatment that is tailored to your unique situation.  

We welcome you to contact us to make an appointment with one of our counsellors. No referral is needed.

Meet our team

Stephen Zammit

Stephen is the manager of UCMH Counselling Services. He is a registered psychologist, having obtained a Bachelor of Advanced Science with Honours in Psychology. Stephen is also the principal psychologist for UCMH Counselling Services and has specialised in gambling counselling for over 4 years. Stephen joined UCMH Counselling Services in July 2013.

Judi Single

Dr Judi Single joined UCMH Counselling Services in July 2014 as a Gambling Help Counsellor. She holds a PhD in Psychology and has over 15 years experience working mainly with families and gamblers. She has a particular interest in the impact of gambling on the family. 

Gabrielle Locke

Gabrielle is an accredited financial counsellor with the Financial Counsellors Association NSW. She has been working in this field for the past 10 years at UCMH Counselling Services. Gabrielle comes from a background in Nursing and Education and initially came to UCMH Counselling Services after a period with the Lifeline telephone counselling service. She is active in the Financial Counsellors Association NSW, participating as a member of the Training Committee and as a Trainer in financial counselling courses. 

Caroline McNally

Caroline is a professional addictions counsellor with over 15 years of experience. She holds a BA in Psychology and is certified in drug and alcohol counselling. After attaining her degree, Caroline went on to work with Lifeline, spent eight years working in drug and alcohol residential rehabilitation, and then entered private practice. Caroline joined UCMH Counselling Services, Gosford in March of 2014.

Donald Nyamutswa

Donald is our most recent addition to the Financial Counselling team and operates in Fairfield and Parramatta. He holds qualifications in Business (Accounting and Finance majors) and has over 8 years working experience in the corporate world in various positions, including Financial Planner, Personal Banker and Assistant Accountant. Donald joined UCMH Counselling Services in March of 2014. 


Ilona Santa

Ilona holds a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and a Master of Art Therapy. She has worked in the drug and alcohol sector, aged care sector, as well as being a Lifeline telephone counsellor. Ilona joined the UCMH Counselling Services team in December 2013.

Cristina Williams

Cristina holds a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and is a Provisional Clinical Member of CAPA (Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association of NSW). She has a particular interest in addiction counselling and has experience in residential rehabilitation counselling and community based settings. She specialises in supporting people who are struggling with the consequences of heavy gambling. Cristina joined UCMH Counselling Services in 2013.