Self–exclusion is a process that allows you to voluntarily ban yourself from gambling activities at hotels, pubs, clubs, TABs and online. Self-exclusion plays an important role in the recovery process as it prevents you from playing while you seek treatment for your problem gambling behaviours.

Most self-exclusion programs involve an application process and the signing of a 'Deed' of self-exclusion which includes:

  • the name of any venue(s) you have chosen to be self-excluded from;
  • the selected duration of self-exclusion;
  • a list of undertakings;
  • a passport sized photo to be distributed to the nominated venues
  • an acknowledgement that the venue has no legal obligations under the self-exclusion;
  • and an understanding by the patron that you may be removed (with reasonable force) from the nominated venue(s) if you are found breaching your self-exclusion.

Most people still want to be able to enjoy a meal with friends and to make use of the other amenities at the clubs or hotels they frequent. Most self-exclusion programs let you elect whether you want to be excluded from the entire venue, or from the gaming room, or from all gambling activities inside the venue.

For example, if you banned yourself from gambling activities at your local leagues club, you could still go to the club to have a drink and a meal or to see a show, but you couldn't enter any area with poker machines, Keno or the TAB. If you banned yourself from the entire venue, you couldn't enter the club for any reason.

There are different self-exclusion programs for clubs, hotels and pubs, NSW lotteries, TABs and online betting websites such as Sportsbet. If you would like to self-exclude you can contact us on 9891 6212 and we can organise for a Gambling Help counsellor to support you through the process.